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There are over FIVE BILLION reasons for the social care sector to adopt ME Passport.

ME Passport is a digital employment passport. An app that collates all the compliance and validation information of a worker into one place.

An online service for carers, where carers are empowered, own their data and can move freely across the sector.

Checks are completed once, are transferable, are updated in real- time and data is shared easily. The passport is available for all workers within social care.

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The Issues

Compliance and validation of care workers is critical and mandatory.

But outdated, paper-based processes means it take up to 16 weeks for these checks to be completed.

And it costs £2,500 per worker. Movement within the sector and the associated duplicated recruitment costs total £1.3 billion over 24 months.

What’s is more, the cost of advertising jobs is huge. The social care market spends £1.8 billion annually advertising for workers via one job board alone.

Providers need workers fast, so no surprise agency staff and the cost of agency staff has increased dramatically.


a faster, more efficient compliance process


greater accuracy on all compliance information held


a safe, secure system that can be accessed anywhere


making more people work ready and accessible

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John Timbs

Co Founder and Director

Co Founder and Director

20 year’s experience running a care provider. Knows the sector inside and out. Loves watching all sports.

Carly Rochester

Co founder and Director

Co founder and Director

Sector expert, used to managing 200+ workers. You’ll struggle to meet someone with more passion.

Caroline Little



Solution focussed programme and change manager with extensive public sector experience. Happiest walking the dog, via the beach to the pub.

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